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Biography of Pal (Jean de Paleologue) 1860-1942

Pal was born to an aristocratic family in Romania and was raised and educated in a privileged household. Following his service in the military, he opted for a career in art and began working as an illustrator for a magazine in London.

In 1893, Pal moved to Paris in order to pursue his artistic endeavors. Initially he continued with magazine illustration until the year 1895 when he moved head first into poster production. During the next five years, Pal produced a wealth of advertising posters, which are most often recognized by his voluptuous female characters selling products.

Pal moved to the United States in 1900 where he lived and worked until he died at the age of 82. While in the U.S. he continued to work in the graphic arts as well as moving into the film and animation industries.