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Biography of Herbert Paus (1880 - 1946)

Herbert Paus was a native of Minneapolis and got his first job as a cartoonist for the St. Paul Pioneer Press. Ambitious to become an illustrator, he enrolled in the Fine Arts School there. Eventually he moved to New York where he became a freelance illustrator. Paus' strong sense of design combined with an impressive use of color carried over into his magazine illustrations and cover designs.The United States entrance into World War I brought a pressing need for professionally produced artwork to encourage citizenry. Paus was among the first recruited to use his artistic talent towards this effort as it was well known that he was committed to doing whatever he could for the war effort. The New York Tribune's 1919 profile praised his "willingness and promptness with which he gave his services unrewarded..."

Paus created boldly heroic images through a masterful combination of bright colors, strong composition, and quality technique. The intent in Paus' poster designs was always clear, urging Americans to join service overseas as well as for projects closer to home (such as the Women's Land Army), to save money with War Savings Stamps, and to work harder because "York work is an important factor in the fight for freedom."

His style had become so recognizable that demand for his work in other areas of illustration grew. Paus created many covers for Collier's, a weekly publication that devoted coverage to battle reports. During the week of March 10th, 1917, the circulation of Collier's surpassed a million, which many attributed to the cover art.