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Biography of Andre L.A. Rassenfosse (1862-1934)

Armand Rassenfosse was born in Liege, Brussels. There he was raised by his parents, who owned and operated a fine imports shop with ceramics, porcelain and china from the Far East. Although surrounded by fine things at an early age, Rassenfosse was not interested in this pursuit; his desire was to become an artist. He worked for his father for several years, all the while wanting to study the graphic arts.

As a student at Saint-Servais in Liege, he created his first posters for school functions. Following his studies, he met two artists, Adrien de Witte and Felicien Rops, who encouraged his artistic pursuits. As a result of this association, Rassenfosse dedicated himself to working as an artist.

At the age of 27, Rassenfosse's dreams came true when he met Auguste Benard, a known printer from Paris who had returned to Liege to open his own printing company. Benard recognized Rassenfosse's potential and asked him to join his company as director and principal artist.

Rassenfosse went on to create a number of exquisite posters and was credited as being the founder of the school of poster artists from Liege. His work can be see world wide, in galleries and museums today.