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Biography of Rene Hermann-Paul (1864-1940)

Rene Hermann-Paul was never afraid to let his personality take charge of his artwork. During his training at the Academie Julian, his greatest influence came from daring artist such as Vuillard, Bonnard, and Toulouse-Lautrec. Hermann-Paul's expressive style and sharp sense of humor contributed to his success as a cartoonist, painter, illustrator, and lithographer.

He made regular contributions to numerous French publications such as La Faridondaine, Le Courier Fran´┐Żais, Le Cri de Paris, Le Figaro, Le Petit Bleu, Gil-Blas and Le Rire. He was a true master of visual effect, always knowing how to utilize the exact compositions and color schemes to deliver his message most effectively. Though he pushed his techniques and mediums in inventive directions, he did it in such a harmonious way that nothing every seemed odd or out of place. Whether he was using a brilliant red with light shades of lavender or a subtle choice of neutrals he managed to captivate viewers' attention instantly.