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Biography of Roger Broders (1883-1953)

Roger Broders was born and died in Paris, he was a Parisian by all accords but Danish by name, Brodersen. His two architect parents raised young Roger and his three brothers in the same neighborhood in which Victor Hugo lived. Though the family traveled often, instilling a love of ventures in their children, Paris was their home. Broders studied Latin and Greek at his Paris school. To further his education, he studied at The National School of Decorative Arts in Paris.

Broders gained inspiration for his posters from his many travels. Creating his posters in postcard style made his work not only enjoyable but also marketable. He worked with several different printing houses, most notably Devambez and Cornielle & Lucien Serre, who were primarily publishers of travel and railway posters.

The posters of Roger Broders depict both destinations and activities. Although he visited every place he drew, he did not participate in any of the sports he often recreated in his images. He was a cigar aficionado, gourmet and loved to pass time in cafes drinking coffee, where he could enjoy time with his wife and children. The Paris Lyon Mediteranee Company (PLM) sponsored most of his travels so that he would create fabulous posters for their railway.

As a posterist, Broders created every variety of posters, not just travel. His posters are loved by all audiences and are seen throughout the world today. His use of bold color and familiar imagery delight the eye and the senses. We are able to follow his travels through his posters and understand why he enjoyed seeing the world.