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Biography of Michael Schwab (b. 1952)

Michael Schwab has created posters and logos for over 30 years. His client list includes American Presidents Line, Apple, Coke, Disney, Robert Mondavi, Nike, and Polo Ralph Lauren, just to name a few. Probably his best-known work is the series that he created for the Golden Gate National Park.

In his posters, we see his signature style; strong, dramatic, and reductive. Its historical roots based in the traditions of the early German posters by Lucian Bernhard and Ludwig Hohlwien. His mentors include David Lance Goines, Rockwell Kent and Tadanori Yokoo.

Schwab's posters succeed because he understands the fundamental premise of the poster, to communicate. He delivers the message clearly and succinctly. He ingeniously creates bold blocks of flat color and effectively uses type to augment and complement the design.

Michael Schwab is truly a modern day master of graphic design.