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Biography of Hans Falk (1918-2002)

Illustrator, graphic designer, printmaker, painter

Hans Falk is an important Swiss painter and posterist. Born in Zurich, he went to art school in Lucerne and Zurich. His first design placed second in the poster competition for the Swiss National Exhibition of 1939. Twenty-five years later, he would win the contest for the 1964 Swiss National Exhibition with a series of seven abstract designs. Between 1942 and 1964 Falk produced 58 posters and garnered numerous design awards.

In 1958, Falk begins to travel extensively, living abroad in England, Ireland and New York. During his later years, he called both Switzerland and the Sicilian island of Stromboli his home. His most important work includes his early posters, the New York and London drawings, circus paintings and abstract expressionist paintings from Stromboli. He died in 2002.