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Le Puy
Original color lithographic poster, printed by Publicontrol, Brussels, Belgium circa 1946. Condition: Very Fine (A-) , backed on linen.
Sheet size: 38.5 H. X 25 W.
In this original vintage British European Airways poster (BEA), Le Puy depicts the Vickers Viking 1 in almost photographic accuracy flying above the billowing clouds, the flying key logo painted on its fin. In 1946, the Vicking 1 represented the first purchase for this newly created airline. The twin-engine plane could hold 21 passengers, seating more and flying faster than on BEA's original fleet of Dakota's and thus ushered in the "Keyline"era. BEA was the British flag carrier for both short and medium haul routes. For the British, BEA was indeed the key to Europe.
Inventory #11395

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