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Original color lithographic poster, printed by Pan American Airlines (publisher), , USA 1950. Condition: Very Good (B) creasing and tears mostly in bottom banner; restored loss in upper right, backed on linen.
Sheet size: 40 H. X 24.75 W.
This 1950s original airline poster entices the viewer to fly PanAm's first class service "The President" on their Boeing Stratocruiser. The poster showcases the opulent dining available in-flight. This double deck aircraft offered 28 upper and lower sleeping units, well appointed dressing rooms as well as a lower level lounge pictured here and accessed via a circular staircase. In its state-of-the-art galley, flight attendants could prepare hot meals for up to 100 people. The plane represented the height of in-air luxury reigning as queen of the skies until 1958 when the jet was introduced to commercial air travel.

Just for fun, the price of a coach ticket from New York to London on PanAm's Stratosphere at the time of this poster was $580 for coach, the equivalent to $5500 in today's dollars; a first class fare was $800, about $7500 today. And remember, there were no points or reward programs to help defer some of the price.
Inventory #11393

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