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Original photo lithographic poster, printed by Trans World Airlines (publisher), Kansas City MO, United States 1955. Condition: Very Good (B) horizontal creasing, small tear at edge, not backed.
Sheet size: 22 H. X 17 W.
This is an original 1950's Trans World Airlines' poster from the series "Along the way of TWA" promoting travel to France. The poster aptly features a color-foto of the Eiffel Tower, Paris's most frequented attraction, as seen from the Gardens of the Trocadero.

TWA inaugurated its New York to Paris route on February 5, 1946, with the Star of Paris, a Lockheed L-049 Constellation. This first flight, under the command of Captain H.F. Blackburn, made two brief stops and took a total of 16 hours and 21 minutes to complete. This route marked TWA's expansion into the international market under the leadership of Howard Hughes. And, a little footnote about Capt. Blackburn; just fifteen years later, in 1961, he flew TWA's first Boeing 707 from New York to Paris.

The "Along the Way of TWA..." posters were printed in two sizes, this being the smaller size and was probably intended for distribution to travel and booking agents. In addition, it was printed as a postcard and distributed in flight. The design would be reformatted with added text for print ads. This use of a standardized design strategy, the incorporation of photography as the dominant image, and more targeted distribution reflects the changes in the graphic design industry as printing technologies evolved and marketing grew more towards corporate branding. The "Along the Way" series was used throughout the 1950's with minor variations towards corporate branding. The "Along the Way" series was used throughout the 1950's with minor variations.

Inventory #11399

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