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Gamy (Marguerite Montaut )
Hand colored (pochoir) lithograph, printed by Mabileau & Cie, Paris, France 1910. Condition: Very Fine (A-) , not backed.
Sheet size: 35.5 H. X 17.75 W.
Marguerite Montaut (GAMY) beautifully illustrates Hubert Latham's sensational flight over the city of Berlin just as he passes the city Palace and historic Cathedral. The 10 km flight took less than 11 minutes and was the first cross-county flight in Germany and one of the first over a densely populated area. He touched down in front of the large crowds of spectators at the 1909 Berlin Air show and was enthusiastically congratulated by the French ambassador.

Latham was the undisputed master of handling the complicated controls of the Antoinette, an early monoplane. He became an international celebrity breaking several world records for altitude and airspeed.

The Gamy - Montaut prints began in the mid1890's when Ernest Montaut published his first motoring prints. By 1897, these prints began forming the pictorial record of auto racing in France. His wife, Marguerite subsequently joined him in his work. Together, they captured the exhilarating world of motorized racing, depicting the dare-devil feats, and chronicled the new records set. Their detailed lithographs deftly document the early history of the automobile and the evolution of flight. Their work can be found in Science Museum in London and in MIT's Museum in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
Inventory #11404
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