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Biography of Hella Arno (1904 - 2000)

Most of what we know about Hella-Arno comes from public records. Born Helene Spitzer in Krnov in the Czech Republic, she attended art school in Berlin and came to Strasbourg in 1927 where she enrolled in l'Ecole des Arts Decoratifs with the intention of becoming a designer. In 1928, Helene married fellow student Eugene Arnold. Together they founded L'Atellier Hella-Arno in 1933.

The work of Hella-Arno was mostly forgotten until the 2009 Exhibition mounted by the Bibliotheque Nationale et Universitaire in Strasbourg, "Femmes Affichistes en Alsace de 1900 a 1980" (Women Posterists in Alsace). This exhibition documented the work of three generations of women artists and chronicled the important role played by Alsacan women in the development of twentieth century advertising. Along with the work of Hella-Arno, the exhibit included the work of Lika Marowska, Dorette Muller, Lisa Krugell, Marguerite Jaggi-Forrer, Mia Jacoby, Johanna Hipp and Maria Theresa Supper.