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T. E. Stephens
Original lithographic poster printed in colors, printed by David Allen & Sons, Belfast Ireland and London, England circa 1912, on 2 sheets. Condition: Fine (B+) Visible folds. Note that the bottom sheet was pulled from a cracked plate, backed on linen.
Sheet size: 87 H. X 39 W.
The Mighty Cheese was an effect developed in 1912 by one of magic's great innovators , P.T. Selbit (Percy Thomas Tibbles). Selbit would invite six spectators, particularly celebrities such as famous wrestlers and other sports figures, to test their strength against "the strongest cheese on earth." As these participants came on stage, a giant wheel of cheese was brought out and placed on its edge. Selbit then challenged them to lay the cheese flat on floor. Every attempt would cause the cheese to twist and turn, but none would be successful in getting the cheese to remain flat. More often than not, the challengers were sent flying about the stage. This poster, one of the very few posters designed for Selbit, captures the comical exasperation of six strong men trying to outwrestle the Mighty Cheese. The act may not have been a success, but the poster certainly is!
The apparatus itself was round metal disc about a foot and a half in diameter and about seven inches wide painted to resemble a full-sized Edam cheese. It was designed and built for Selbit by Henry Bates. At least two, and perhaps more, were produced. One sank with the Great Nicola show in Singapore Harbor in 1938. Another was purchased by Australian illusionist Les Levante.
The above was adapted from Michael Edward's posting on the Victoria Magic-http://www.victoriamagic.info/mweb/mar96/best/chees.htm

Inventory #10910

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